Bhaveen Sheth reviews Welcome 2 Karachi

Welcome To Karachi Movie Cast, Review, Poster, Songs, Trailer, Wiki

Cast: Arshad Warsi, Jacky Bhagnani, Lauren Gotlieb, Ayub Khoso, Imran Hasnee, Dilip Tahil

Director: Ashish Mohan

Genre: Comedy

There are some movies that you should watch with your brains left at home. Welcome to Karachi is one of them. Stupid humor and foolish comedy. The trailer seemed to be hilarious but the movie is definitely good.

Shammi (Arshad Warsi) aka genius stars as a naval officer who has been recently court martialed for apparently drowning a submarine all by himself.  Kedar Patel (Jacky Bhagnani) aka super genius stars as a typical Gujarati desperately wanting to go to USA, so much is his desperation that he goes all the way in changing his surname from Patel to Desai and even bribing an American Immigration officer. Kedar’s father , the miserly gujju businessman Dilip Tahil runs a cruise boat business providing cruise boat services to rich gujju families to celebrate marriage ceremonies on high seas. The movie is set in Jamnagar, Gujarat whose coastline is near the Pakistan. I wonder how does the Indian Navy allow a rogue gujju businessman to operate on disputed waters.

Well , as the movie progresses, our lead heroes Arshad and Jacky take the streamer on high seas without the guests and dance with white girls (mostly Russians and East Europeans). The background title will become a hit among the gujju community during the upcoming marriage season. A thunderstorm strikes, the girls escape on emergency raft, our heroes are left to drown. But as destiny would have it, they survive and make it to
the coast of Karachi. Everything looks odd and different for them, The movies then goes on as our friends have varied experiences as the hands of the Pakistani people, militants, mullahs, ISI agents, Baloch mafias, CIA operatives and Pakistani politicians.

This movie is definitely a must watch considering the comedy and the context. Arshad Warsi has shouldered the entire movie on himself. Jacky Bhagnani still needs to learn the tricks of the acting trade as he overplays his gujju role. Lauren Gotlieb (American actress last seen in ABCD) is definitely an eye candy playing the role of an Intelligence
officer. Dilip Tahil has a limited role.

The music is average. The movie gets stretched in the end for nor reason. It could have been better if it had been well directed.

My rating : 3 out of 5


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