Wazir-Movie review by Bhaveen Sheth



Farhan Akhtar plays the role of Daanish ¬†an ATS cop with the Delhi Police. He is a happily married to an artistic dancer to Ruhaana (Aditi Rao Hydari) and has a small daughter Norrie. On just a normal day when he is having a family outing, his daughter is killed in a crossfire when he tries to pursue a suspected terrorist Rameez. Blamed for the death of his young daughter and distanced from his own wife, he gets depressed and tries to commit suicide. But as fate will have it, a distraction saves his life. A lost purse found near his daughter’s graveyard takes him to the home of Mr. Pandit Omkarnath Dhir (Amitabh Bhachan). Pandit Dhir is ¬†paralysed, bound to a wheel chair and teaches chess to young children. He befriends Danish and helps him recover from the grief of his daughter’s loss.

As their friendship becomes stronger, he tells his story on the mysterious death of his daughter at the house of welfare minister Yazad Qureshi ( Manav Kaul). While the police try to close the case stating that it was a mere accident, Pandit Dhir thinks otherwise. As the movie progresses, the mystery deepens and Danish takes on to avenge the death of Pandit Dhir’s daughter.

This movie is not for the bollywood rom com masala watchers, it is for the intellectuals. Both Farhaan and Amitabh has done justice to their respective roles. Aditi Rao may have limited movie time but she leaves a strong impact on the viewers. Manav Kaul as minister Yazad Qureshi shows the real face of political terror. It is nice to see him back after Kai Po Che, where once again he had essayed the role of a villain.

The songs leave mesmerized, there is a strong sufi mixture in them. Cinematography is wonderfully shot in the backdrop of Delhi and Kashir. All supporting actors have played their roles very well.

This movie is a must watch. Don’t go by the reviews written in newspapers, see the movie and then decide.

Happy to see the new year start at such a good note. I promise all my readers that there will be more reviews from me this year.

Hope to be back with more.

Bhaveen Sheth


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