Bhaveen Sheth reviews television series -The Missing Season 1

Image result for the missing season one

For any parent nothing can be more devastating than loosing a child but worse is when the child goes missing. This British television series brings out a tragic poignant story of a British family that goes on a vacation in France where their 5 year old son goes missing. What may look as an act of minor carelessness leads to full scale search for the boy. It shows what the parents go through, the feelings of helplessness, depression, hopelessness and loss. The police and administration does its best to search for the boy.

The series shifts between 2006 (when the boy goes missing) and 2014 (the present). It shows how the father never gives up the search for his son even after 8 years of his disappearance. Supporting characters have also done a brilliant job.

This series is highly recommended for all those who want to watch a meaningful mystery thriller where real life meets fiction.

Please watch the trailer in the link below:

The Missing Season 1 Trailer


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