Bhaveen Sheth Reviews Baar Baar Dheko


On a Sunday morning there was nothing much to do , hence I went out to watch an early morning show at the local multiplex. I wanted to watch Freaky Ali but since there were no takers for that movie, I was forced to watch Baar Baar Dekho.

It is a simple story.Jai Varma (Sidharth Malhotra) and Diya Kapoor (Katrina Kaif) have been childhood friends. They are fond of each other and hence want to get married. Jai is a maths professor who teaches at Delhi University and Diya is some kind of Art Professional who exhibits her work at different galleries. All is set for the big fat Indian wedding. However, Diya goes ahead and shows Jai her newly bought apartment is some posh locality of Delhi and decides their future plans. Jai feels sidelined as he was not asked on such homely matters. He is more ambitious and wants to pursue his career by taking up a job at Cambridge. The couple have an argument and Diya leaves Jai all alone. Jai has some champagne , goes to sleep and wakes up in different time zones.

The movie takes Jai through his Honeymoon period, the birth of his first child, 10 years into marriage, his divorce and subsequent death of his mother. It shows how his own neglect for the family and selfish perusal of professional goals destroys his family in the near future.

This movie seems to be a copy of some Adam Sandler movie. The side actors, Ram Kapoor, Sayali Gupta and Sarika have done a brilliant job. Siddhart Malhotra as Jai represents the quintessential handsome Punjabi Boy and groom to be. Katrina has always been a limited actor who even after 10 years into the industry cannot get rid of her firangi ascent.

Overall the movie is just average and a one time watch. However the prosthetists have done a brilliant job by showcasing the actors in different time zones. The scenery of London and Delhi is nicely depicted.

The only take away from this movie is the song KAALA CHASMAA. I am sure in it will be the most played song by all the DJ’s during this wedding season


Tevar-Movie review by Bhaveen Sheth

The year 2015 seemed to be quite promising in terms of what Bollywood would have to offer to its audiences. The first movie of the year TEVAR released on 9th of January 2015 was much awaited by movie buffs who have been starved of seeing PK being in the cinemas for more than 15 days. Here is my review:

Tevar review, Tevar, Sonakshi Sinha, Arjun Kapoor

Star Cast: Arjun Kapoor, Sonkakshi Sinha, Manoj Bajpayee, Rajesh Sharma, Raj Babbar, Deepti Naval

Director : Amit Ravindernath Sharma

The trailer shows it all. A typical bollywood movie with a story from the 80’s or the early 90’s. The nice hearted guy, a lovely female, gang of villains. Bad guy likes the heroine, falls for her head over heels and forcibly wants to marry her. Enter the Hero who will rescue the lovely damsel in distress, beat up the bad guys, win the heroines heart and live happily ever after.

The director Amit Sharma should have tried something different than just copy and paste the 2003 Telugu film Okkadu with  change in language from Telugu to Hindi.

Set in the badlands of North India, Uttar Pradesh the backdrop of Agra and Mathura are beautifully shown. There is our Hero Mr.Pintoo alias Ghanshyam (Arjun Kapoor) who does not have any work other than playing kabbadi and picking up fights with local hoodlums. A loving sister who fights with him on sharing room space. A semi strict father (Raj Babbar) who is the local Superintendent of Police and not to forget a loving mother (Deepti Naval). A perfect happy Indian family. On the other side you have Home Minister of UP Mahender SIngh (Rajesh Sharma) and his nasty younger brother Gajender Singh (Manoj Bajpayee)  who goes on killing and murdering people in full view of the media.

As the story goes our villain Ganjender Singn goes to Mathura  along with his brother for some political rally and happens to  see girl Radhika (Sonakshi Sinha) dancing to the tunes of “Radha Nachegi” on the day of Janmashtmi. Gajender is so impressed by her and her dance moves that he decides that she is his soul mate and will marry her by hook or crook (means force , coercion, threats, pistol, gun , knife).

The rest of the movie turns to to be predictable. Gajender uses all his powers and forces to get the girl and our hero accidentally crosses his path and saves the heroine. All hell breaks loose. Gajender Singh hires his goons and the police force at his disposal to get the girl and kill the guy. The movie drags on between Mathura-Agra-Delhi-Mathura.

The story starts out to be promising but losses the interest of the viewer mid way. The actions scenes are brilliant. Agra and Mathura are nicely shown with its small lanes, festivals, fairs and the Taj Mahal.

Arjun Kapoor tries to emulate Salman Khan and Madhavan but fails terribly. He is getting stereotyped into the role of the small town lafangaa hero. Sonakshi plays the simple as always Indian woman in distress who is dying to be rescued. Raj Babbar is good and so is Deepti Naval who has now t] switched to playing roles of a mother and senior citizen.But the person who walks away with the trophy is Manoj Bajpayee as Gajender Singh alias Mathura ka Gunda. He clearly represents the existing criminal politicians in UP.

Overall an average film. You can certainly give it a miss and catch it on your televisions.

Sad to see that the year started out with a flop or what I would say a stink bomb